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Icon meme! From cruxis

Comment, and I'll pick seven of your icons for you to explain.

This is my 'hyper' icon, used to let people know that they shouldn't take me too seriously. The character in it is Cho Hakkai from Saiyuki, who's known for smiling like that all the time. This icon is particularly amusing to me because anyone who knows the character well will probably remember that it's practically impossible for Hakkai to get drunk.

My 'loneliness' icon, Yuan with a Botta plushie. I like it for three reasons: one, I love the pairing; two, Yuan is really really pretty with his hair down; and three, I want a Botta plushie soooo much.

My 'religious discussions' icon, also used when I'm spreading the Discordian doctrine (confusion). My religion of choice is Discordianism, in which laughter and confusion are worship of our Goddess, Eris. Sacred symbols include fives, golden apples, and hot dogs on a Friday. Nothing is sacred. A Discordian is prohibited of believing what he or she reads. (fnord) For more information and less enlightenment: Join the madness, we're saner here!

During the first year of the Renegades' existence, on Prank Day (Symphonian equivalent of April Fools' Day), a very brave and foolish young man took it upon himself to decorate Yuan while he was sleeping. (No, I haven't figured out how he was caught sleeping, shut up, I wrote it when I was just getting started, and anyway it's humor, I don't have to explain.) Anyway, Yuan was less than thrilled at discovering it when he awoke, and even less so when said young Renegade took a picture.

Another icon that practically shouts, 'Don't take this too seriously!'. *shrugs* It's Mr. Sulu from Star Trek, with his shirt off. Used when I want to post a comment more to show that I was there than to contribute anything; very useful for 'me, too'-ing on fandomsecrets and ffrants.

A quote from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (or one of the books of that series, I can't remember). Because in a crazy world, sometimes going mad is your best option for sanity's sake.

A bunch of liberal political slogans in button form. I never actually use it, but I rather like having it anyway, to show whose side I'm on if nothing else (in case there was ever any real doubt).
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