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Slashable meme

First, the meme (warnings for slash and possible r-rated content under the cut):

1: Kratos Aurion (Symphonia)
2: Kurogane (Tsubasa)
3: James Wilson (House)
4: Zelos Wilder (Symphonia)
5: Cho Hakkai (Saiyuki)
6: Kudoh Yohji (Weiss)
7: Urahara Kisuke (Bleach)
8: Yuan (Symphonia)
9: Sha Gojyo (Saiyuki)
10: Fujimiya Ran (Weiss)
11: Dio Elaclaire (Last Exile)
12: Seto Kaiba (Yu-gi-oh)

Does 10 (Ran) strike you as a voyeur and/or an exhibitionist?
Ran? No way. The guy's an icicle. *Maybe* a voyeur, certainly not an exhibitionist.

Who in all the multiverse would 11 (Dio) most likely bottom to?
Lucciola; he'd be the pushiest bottom ever, though.

Would you rather do 3 (Wilson) or 5 (Hakkai)?
Oh, god, why are you making me choose? askjfealkd; probably Wilson.

Which of 4 (Zelos) and 1 (Kratos) would you rather have do you?
Aaaaugh! That's even worse! Can't I have them both? ...*sigh* Kratos.

12 (Kaiba) and 2 (Kurogane) are having sex in an airplane. Construct a snippet of dialogue that happens during this encounter.
"This is so fucking weird."
"What, you've never wanted to join the mile-high club?"
"We're a mile high?! Let me off!"

How much would you pay to see naked pictures of 11 (Dio)? Have you? Where can the rest of us find these pictures?
Mm, not my favorite, but some can be found for free on, I believe.

Where are 5 (Hakkai) and 9 (Gojyo) most likely to have sex? Who on your list is most likely to write a trashy novel about it?
In Jeep's backseat, or in whatever trashy hotel the group is staying the night in...and Urahara is the only one I can think would write a trashy novel.

When 12 (Kaiba) masturbates, he or she thinks about...
*snicker* Dragons, probably.

What is 11's (Dio's) favorite sex toy?
His servant Lucciola.

Come up with a title for a 12/7/1 (Kaiba/Urahara/Kratos) threeway. Would you read it? Would you write it? What would some of the warnings be?
*brain broken, try again later*

According to Insaneiac, the title should be "Screw the angel, we have money". I would probably read it, if only for the wtf, but I couldn't write it. Warnings: yaoi, PWP, threesome, OOC

Who's more likely to be tied up during consensual sex, 2 (Kurogane) or 6 (Yohji)?
Oh, Yohji, definitely. He'll try anything once, and I can't see Kurogane being willing to give up control like that.

If 11 (Dio) and 3 (Wilson) are carrying on a torrid and forbidden love affair, who's most likely to spill the beans? What would the other person do to retaliate?
Dio will totally let this slip unthinkingly, and Wilson will give him the cold shoulder until one of them breaks down and apologizes.

As a birthday present, 7's (Urahara's) longtime lover 5 (Hakkai) offers to do whatever 7 (Urahara) wants in bed. What's 7's (Urahara's) secret birthday wish?
Taking off Hakkai's limiters, and/or inviting Hakuryu to join in.

Choose a food item for 4 (Zelos) and 12 (Kaiba) to use together.
I can see Zelos sitting around and eating strawberries in a manner that's positively obscene, until Kaiba drags him off somewhere with the bowl of strawberries. <3

8 (Yuan) and 4 (Zelos) are in a fulltime relationship. Who's the top?
Yuan. Next!

Which fetish is 9 (Gojyo) least likely to indulge?
Anything involving blood, probably.

What would you do if you had 8 (Yuan) naked, willing, and ready in your bed? What would 5 (Hakkai) do if he/she had 8 (Yuan) naked, willing and ready in his/her bed?
To be perfectly honest, if Yuan showed up in my bed, I'd probably faint. Hakkai, there's a battle of wills I'd pay good money to see. I think Hakkai would end up in charge of the situation, but Yuan's unpredictable anyway.

What wouldn't 10 (Ran) and 4 (Zelos) tell their friends about their sex life, assuming they had both a mutual sex life and some friends?
Ran wouldn't tell his friends he had a sex life. Zelos would go on and on about his pretty, feisty redhead and conveniently forget to mention that said redhead was male.

10 (Ran) gets a tattoo to declare his/her eternal love for 9 (Gojyo). Where is it? What does it say?
On the back of his shoulderblade; Crimson Love

Imagine that 2 (Kurogane) writes an erotic 11/6 (Dio/Yohji) fic. What sort of summary might the fic he/she writes have?
Goddammit, I don't even know why I wrote this. Look, it's these two guys, read it if you like that sort of thing, otherwise stay the hell away, 'cause I don't feel like answering a bunch of flames.

If 2 (Kurogane) walked into the room wearing nothing but a red thong and a feather boa, how would 8 (Yuan) react?
He'd probably assume it was one of his subordinates taking a dare, and assign him some random punishment duty or just send him out, depending on his mood.

And the obligatory fill in the blanks erotic fairy tale! Change the numbers with the matching names on your list.:

Gojyo and Kratos are having a quickie in a broom closet when Yuan walks in on them. Naturally enough, Yuan joins in, first paging Wilson, who's in the middle of fucking Hakkai into the mattress. Wilson abandons Hakkai on the verge of orgasm, excited by the possibility of illicit broom closet sex, and Hakkai, irate, becomes a highly paid prostitute until the well-meaning and generous Zelos attempts to rescue him/her. But Hakkai will have none of it, refuses to be redeemed, and opens a high-class brothel in Los Angeles, where Ran is one of his/her regular clients.
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